Diamond Jewelry

For centuries, diamond rings have meant the ultimate gift of love which a man could give to a woman. Today, numerous diamond shapes are in popular demand, from fancy traditional to simplistic modern. The true beauty of each depends greatly on the diamond’s cut, symmetry, and polish. Each round brilliant cut diamond has 58 separate facets which reflect light and sparkle.

Especially in demand as engagement rings and wedding ring sets, beautiful diamond rings are also very popular as anniversary and birthday gifts, as well as specialty jewelry items for that special female in your life. Every woman delights in the glamorous sparkle and scintillation of precision-cut diamonds. In addition, diamond rings can be purchased in myriad lovely shapes, including such cuts as the marquise, oval, emerald and hearts. The careful choice is yours and the everlasting enjoyment will be hers to cherish. Contact us online or visit our store in Hattiesburg, MS today.


Diamond Engagement Rings

Our exceptional offerings will bring joy to every special recipient. View our display of exquisite diamond engagement rings.  We offer the traditiona round brilliant and princess cuts, as well as unique shapes such as the marquise, oval, pear, emerald, and heart, elegantly mounted in a stylish setting.
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Diamond Earrings

Skillfully designed diamond earringsreveal the clarity of their diamonds. Each separate diamond is unique, and none can prove absolutely perfect when examined under 10x magnification. Precious stones often contain birthmarks, either internal (inclusions) or external (blemishes). However, clarity refers to the absence of such markings, and our quality diamond earrings are made of very slightly included (VS) or slightly included (SI) diamonds, to ensure the ultimate quality.
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Diamond Bracelets

Diamond bracelets display each precious stone beautifully. Every time the wearer moves her arm or gestures, the glamorous fire, sparkle, and brilliance of each diamond is revealed and enhanced. The customary 58 facets of round brilliant diamonds often used in bracelet settings are each approximately two millimeters in diameter. With such small facets, only the most precision cutting allows the true beauty of each lovely stone to shine forth.
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Diamond Necklaces

Diamond pendants are excellent fine jewelry pieces for exhibiting both traditional and modern fashionable, precisely cut shapes. Whether your preference is a precious stone pendant containing diamonds with the oval, marquise, hearts, cushions, or triangle shapes, we offer you the very finest quality currently available.
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Diamond Wedding and Anniversary Rings

Whether you are adding a great diamond wedding band to your engagement ring, or buying a special gift to show her that you still love her after all these years, one of our diamond bands will suit your needs.  We have a wide variety of diamond bands, 3-stone rings, and eternity bands from which to choose.
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Diamond Fashion Rings

Diamonds engagement rings may be the most press, but a stylish diamond fashion ring, sometimes called a “right hand ring” really shows off your individual style.  We have a full selection of amazing diamond fashion rings — right for any occassion.
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