Antwerp Diamond Buying Trip


We’re heading to Antwerp in October!  Find out more about our Antwerp diamond buying trips here and then contact us to schedule an appointment to let us know exactly what type of custom diamond you want us to bring you!

Hi, I’m Phillip Pitts from Parris Jewelers. As a master IJO jeweler, we’re able to travel to Antwerp, Belgium to buy diamonds directly from the diamond cutters. We use this special opportunity to find the very best diamonds for you at the very best prices.

As your direct diamond importer in the world’s diamond capital, we have access to an exceptional selection of diamonds found only in Antwerp. Antwerp’s exceptional selection becomes our selection, making it possible for us to find a diamond with the exact specifications you desire. We typically reject many diamonds before selecting the perfect one for you. Antwerp diamond cutters benefit from the experience of generations of craftsmen to help them achieve the greatest fire and brilliance from each diamond.

As a master IJO jeweler, Parris Jewelers takes the four Cs very seriously. Through experience and continued education we put our diamond knowledge to work for you, our customers. This helps us pick out the whitest, brightest, and most beautiful diamonds from each parcel. The four Cs are only a way to classify a diamond’s value based on characteristics and measurements. To truly appreciate a diamond’s beauty, it has to be seen. That’s why having an experienced master IJO jeweler you can trust is very important.

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